Make space for yourself and step into a world of elegance, glamour, and sensuality. Exhale all the tensions of the world as you delight in discovering your inner goddess and revel in her empowering confidence. This goddess is you.

Let us introduce you to our signature intimate sessions – beautiful boudoir portraits with Cocodash. Relaxed, sensual and empowering – each session is designed to create a safe space where you are able to shed your inhibitions, yet feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. We are professional, discreet and passionate about creating the perfect images for your personal collection.

With an experienced women’s team, we will pamper, coach and guide you to ensure that your time with Cocodash is one of your most memorable experiences. We’ll have you looking super chic and feeling sophisticatedly sexy, relaxed and ready to be photographed.

PS – worried about your imperfections? This is the moment to forget about it…. Forget about the extra couple of kilos you feel you need to lose or the dark circles under the eyes from sleepless nights as you worked overtime or cared for the kids…. It’s our job to make you look and feel your absolute best self for your session. We will help you transform into the goddess that you know you are. And NOW is the perfect time to celebrate her. So let’s toast some bubbly to that!